BBC pay reveal: Chris Evans named as highest paid star:

Chris Evans is named as the highest paid star on the BBC.

The BBC have revealed the salaries of some of its highest paid stars, and on top of that list is Chris Evans.

The radio presenter has been listed as the highest paid star of the BBC, earning between £2.2m-£2.25m in 2016-2017.

Gary Lineker is second on the list with between £1.75m-£1.8m, Graham Norton is third with between £850,000 – £899,999, although this doesn’t include his earnings from The Graham Norton Show, as this is produced by another company.

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Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker announced as the 13th Doctor:

Jodie Whittaker revealed as the 13th Doctor. (CREDIT: BBC)

Jodie Whittaker has been confirmed as the 13th Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who, meaning she will be the show’s first female incarnation of the Time Lord since the show first began in 1963.

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Doctor Who’s “Sonic Screwdriver” has been added to the Oxford dictionary

Peter Capaldi’s Twelth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

In honour of the hit BBC show Doctor Who starting on its 10th season, the Oxford English Dictionary have added one of The Doctor’s most famous gadgets to its famed pages; the trusty sonic screwdriver, which was first introduced during Patrick Troughton’s tenure as the time travelling hero, back in 1968.

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John Simm to return to Doctor Who

John Simm’s ‘The Master’ (Credit: BBC)

The Laurence Olivier Award nominated actor will be returning as The Doctor’s famed nemisis, The Master. Despite The Mistress – played by Michelle Gomez – taking over the role of The Master; albeit a female version,  John Simm’s incarnation will return via “the power of time travel” to face off against Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of The Doctor.

The last time John Simm’s Master was seen was alongside David Tennant, in “The End Of Time” which saw David Tennant’s Doctor regenerate, and The Master being subsequently trapped in a “Time-Lock” with the rest of Gallifrey., and that’s the last time we saw this version of the famed character, as when The Master returned, she was now “The Mistress”, or “Missy.”

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Peter Capaldi set to leave Doctor Who after 4 years:

1447163982-05370b17b6a2addcbcad0a9310a901c1-jpg-galleryPeter Capaldi, 58, announced on BBC Radio 2 in an interview with Jo Wiley that he’ll be stepping down as the 12th incarnation of The Doctor, after a whirlwind four years which saw a more mature side to the Gallifreyan hero.

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