Finsbury Park terror attack:

Police officers surround Seven Sisters Road just after midnight (CREDIT: Getty Images)

A van has ploughed into people near the Finsbury Park MosqueLondon in north London, injuring nine people, and killing one.

A white 48-year old man had been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and is now also being held on suspicion of terrorist offences.

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Fire at London’s Grenfell Tower:

Grenfell Tower block (CREDIT: Getty Images)

A fire that engulfed London’s Grenfell Tower has claimed the lives of twelve people, with many still unaccounted.

The fire was reported in Kensington at 00:54 BST, and subsequently engulfed numerous floors in the 24-storey building. The fire is belived to have been started on the fourth floor, but it is currently unknown what caused it.

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Terror attack in London: 7 people have been killed, and 48 injured:


A terror attack has wounded 48 people, and has killed 7 in a barbaric attack on London.


In what was the third terror attack in Britian in less than three months, eyewitness accounts told of how a white van drove through pedestrians on London Bridge, with two eyewitnesses saying that they saw the three attackers stabbing people, whilst shouting: “This is for Allah.”

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London attacker – Khalid Masood – acted alone


The attacker responisble for Westminster’s terrorist attack – Khalid Masood – has reportedly been found to be working alone, and  Scotland Yard have confirmed.

Masood’s car mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge at the start of the attack, where he drove his vehicle into numerous groups of people. Afterwards, Masood crashed his vehicle into the fence at the Palace of Westminster, and stormed the grounds; fatally stabbing PC Palmer, before being shot by a police officer. 3 people died, with 50 wounded in this barbaric attack.

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London’s Toxic Air


A ‘very high’ alert has been announced by Sadiq Khan – the London Mayor – after the PM10 concentrations were at 101 micrograms; double the limit in the metropolitan city. Sadiq took to Twitter to announce this alert, and his reasons behind it:

“This is the highest level of alert and everyone – from the most vulnerable to the physically fit – may need to take precautions to protect themselves from the filthy air.”

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