Novak Djokovic appoints new coach after losing to Alexander Zverev in the Italian Open final

Novak Djokovic (right) and Alexander Zverev (left) (Credit: Claudio Onorati/EPA)

Novak Djokovic has appointed Andre Agassi as his new coach after suffering a surpising defeat to Alexander Zverev, whom was playing in his first final at that level.

The world number 2 could do little to stop the march of the 20-year-old ‘NextGen’ star, as the latter claimed what seemed to be a routine victory – beating Djokovic 6-4 6-3, and not facing a break point in either set; instead breaking the Serbian once in the first set, and twice in the second set.

Afterwards, the Serbian announced his partnership with American Andre Agassi, the former world number 1 with 8 Grand Slam titles to his name. The partnership will only be short term, however, as Djokovic said:

“We don’t have any long-term commitment. It’s just us trying to get to know each other in Paris a little bit.”

The world number 2 has only won one title this season – earlier in the year at the Qatar Open, where he defeated current world number 1 Andy Murray.


Author: Thomas Parkes

Hi, my name is Thomas Parkes. I'm currently a student at the City of Wolverhampton College, studing the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism.

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