Dragon Ball to feature at the Barbican Art Gallery:

Dragon Ball Z’s famed Capsule houses (Source: Toei Animation)

Starting on March 23rd until the 25th of June 2017, Dragon Ball Z’s ‘capsule’ houses will feature at the prestigious Barbican Art Gallery in London as part of The Japanese House Architecture and Life after 1945.

The exhibition is a first for the UK, and will focus upon “Japanese domestic architecture from the end of the Second World War to now, a field which has consistently produced some of the most influential and extraordinary examples of modern and contemporary design.”

An extract of the original animated series will show the famous Capsule houses created by Akira Toriyama, and ultimately compare these designs with actual work of visionary Japanese architects from the 1970’s.

Tickets are available at certain age groups, and membership levels. There is a 230-page catalog regarding the exhibit, which is available on the gallery’s website for £35.

More on this event can be found here.




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