London attacker – Khalid Masood – acted alone


The attacker responisble for Westminster’s terrorist attack – Khalid Masood – has reportedly been found to be working alone, and  Scotland Yard have confirmed.

Masood’s car mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge at the start of the attack, where he drove his vehicle into numerous groups of people. Afterwards, Masood crashed his vehicle into the fence at the Palace of Westminster, and stormed the grounds; fatally stabbing PC Palmer, before being shot by a police officer. 3 people died, with 50 wounded in this barbaric attack.

PC Keith Palmer (Left), Kurt Cochran (Centre) & Alysha Frade all died in the brutal attack. (Source: PA/Facebook)

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said regarding the possibility of an accomplice: “We still believe that Masood acted alone on the day and there is no information or intelligence to suggest there are further attacks planned.

“Even if he acted alone in the preparation, we need to establish with absolute clarity why he did these unspeakable acts to bring reassurance to Londoners, and to provide answers and closure for the families of those killed and the victims and survivors of this atrocity.

“We must all accept that there is a possibility we will never understand why he did this. That understanding may have died with him.

“Nevertheless, we are determined to understand if Masood was a lone actor inspired by terrorist propaganda or if others have encouraged, supported or directed him.”

PC Palmer’s family released a statement on Saturaday, saying that “There was nothing more you could have done,” and “You did your best and we are just grateful he was not alone.”

“We care about him being remembered for his selfless bravery and loving nature. We miss him so much, but we are also incredibly proud of Keith.”

.MP Tobias Ellwood was dubbed a “hero” because of his actions; running toward gunfire in order to help to save PC Palmer, and his since made a statement, saying he’s “heartbroken”:

“I am heartbroken that I could not do more for PC Keith Palmer who gave his life in holding the line against terrorism and defending democracy.

I shall be writing to the family of PC Palmer to offer my sincere condolences.

It is right that despite the terrible events on Wednesday, Parliamentary business continued the next day as usual, the democratic machine was not interrupted and our way of life did not stop.

I’m deeply humbled and overwhelmed by the messages of support, especially from the policing fraternity, which I now realise is as close knit as the military’s in supporting its own.

I played only a small part that day, doing what I was taught to do, and am honoured to have been invited to join the Privy Council afterwards.

It is right that we concentrate our thoughts on the victims as we stand side by side to protect all that we hold dear, including our precious values and way of life which will always prevail.”

PC Keith Palmer will be forever remembered, as Home Secretary Amber Rudd stated that “He gave his life, in the line of duty, to keep others safe” and that he was going to be commemorated by the UK Police Memorial – situated at Staffordshire in the National Memorial Arboretum.




Author: Thomas Parkes

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