It’s official: Brexit will be triggered on the 29th of March

brexit-getty (1).jpg
Brexit will be triggered next week (Source: Getty Images)

Prime Minister Theresa May is officially starting the process to leave the European Union by setting a date in which Article 50 will be submitted: Wednesday March 29th.

There have been a series of debates regarding the subject, with legal challenges derailing the process, along with various MPs blocking the Article 50 bill in Parliament. All of this, however, has caused Theresa May’s government to continue to persevere, and ultimately prepare – after it passed through Parliament – the date in which the process of leaving the EU will begin.

This comes as reports had suggested that there would be a form of “snap election” which, in the midst of Brexit, a whole new General Election would be held, which would lead to further chaos. Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon has brought forth another shot at independence – set for 2019 – which has controversially been blocked by the Prime Minister.

In Wales, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood is seemingly also determined to suggest independence for Wales if Scotland gains independence from the rest of the UK, but stating to the BBC that: “If the Scots vote to become and independent country that will constitute a material change in circumstances for Wales.” and “The UK will no longer exist for example and we’ve said under those circumstances Wales should be able to determine what happens to us,”


Author: Thomas Parkes

Hi, my name is Thomas Parkes. I'm currently a student at the City of Wolverhampton College, studing the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism.

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