London’s Toxic Air


A ‘very high’ alert has been announced by Sadiq Khan – the London Mayor – after the PM10 concentrations were at 101 micrograms; double the limit in the metropolitan city. Sadiq took to Twitter to announce this alert, and his reasons behind it:

“This is the highest level of alert and everyone – from the most vulnerable to the physically fit – may need to take precautions to protect themselves from the filthy air.”

Those who suffer suffer with asthma should especially take care in these polluted conditions which have caused “black spots” to form around several areas. Traffic has been diverted around several areas, as, it seems, one of Sadiq Khan’s primary focuses has now become the city’s pollution which he’s branded as a “public health emergency’ – and rightly so; inly several weeks ago, the London Mayor issued several warnings as it seemed concerns are growing.


If you are in London, and in an area with high pollution, please read the following health advice:

  • Anyone experiencing discomfort such as sore eyes, cough or sore throat should consider reducing activity, particularly outdoors.
  • Adults and children with lung and heart problems are advised to reduce physical exertion.
  • Those with asthma may find they need to use their inhaler more often.
    Drivers, cyclists, joggers and pedestrians are advised to seek out less polluted roads to avoid the toxic air.

Author: Thomas Parkes

Hi, my name is Thomas Parkes. I'm currently a student at the City of Wolverhampton College, studing the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism.

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